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Author Topic: Electro-Voice Phoenix 2122 & 2181 Loudspeakers  (Read 34055 times)


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Re: Electro-Voice Phoenix 2122 & 2181 Loudspeakers
« Reply #20 on: April 21, 2008, 09:30:49 am »


I'm rather poor at "calling frequencies", but I think the suck-out in the U15s is a bit lower than the one pictured, but perhaps not as low as the XO frequency would tend to indicate.  However it's been quite a long while, so I'm a bit foggy on the details.  My main recollection is that while the highs were surprisingly good that far off axis, the midrange was not acceptable.

I can't read the numbers on the yorkville polars from their website.  But I'm guessing its 5 db per "circle" and obviously 30 degrees per pie slice.  Unfortunately it has to be a horizontal polar and not a vertical since its so symmetrical. Regardless, the issue you experienced must not have been lobing from the lower x-over point as that would have to be minimal with such a low x-over frequency relative to driver spacing.  Which brings us back to the polars and what they say about the horn.  2kHz is indeed quite narrow on those plots.  Even as little as 15 degrees off-axis is dropped off considerably. Not to mention if you were listening beyond 30 degrees.  Seeing as its a round horn, it's easy to get out of the pattern where the "corners" usually are.  Ultimately though, the problem you describe is almost certainly caused by a different mechanism in the unity box as compared to the others referenced.  Which is the point of my curiosity.  I guess you can skin a cat many different ways but they all will leave a little fur on the ground.  Thanks for mentioning it.  
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