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Lake wierdness?


Terry Fryar:
This post isn't about fish kills....rather about Dolby Lake processors!

I'm running a 4x8 lake with a fairly recent controller software.  This particular unit is set up for 3 way LPBW filters, with a 4th using a normal IIR filter.  I've been setting this up for a couple of days (from scratch) and I had a weird problem happen twice.  Otherwise, the processor's been working just fine!

Basically, one of the IIR module pair quit processing audio.  The input meter showed audio, but none was coming out.  I don't think I'd even changed any settings on that set of filters at the time?  This pair of modules had a shared group.  I tried to either remove the group or de-assign the modules and neither worked.  I also tried to delete the module that wasn't passing audio and it wouldn't let me.  Eventually, I reloaded the processor from the controller software and it started working again.  But, it happened again yesterday and again the only thing that worked was a "new system" reload from a saved config file.

Anybody seen this before?


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