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Author Topic: how often have you bought the wrong equipment???  (Read 3528 times)

Mike McNany

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Re: how often have you bought the wrong equipment???
« Reply #10 on: February 28, 2011, 07:34:00 am »

What happened to the simple "reply to topic" button? Every time I hit "reply" it keeps putting up the reply window WITH A QUOTE!!!!

Had to erase it.

Anyways, I so overly research ANY purchase anymore that it drives others around me nuts. I am so tired of wasting $$ on ANYTHING. My LAST regret was buying a so-called USB turntable. I thought I'd convert all my vinyl to CD simply and sell off the vinyl. Still haven't managed to use it.

Mike McNany

Brian Bolly

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Re: how often have you bought the wrong equipment???
« Reply #11 on: February 28, 2011, 09:45:58 am »

over the years, lots! boxes with 1" drivers instead of 2"

Funny, one of the BEST purchases I ever (unknowingly) made was a bunch of 12"/1" (yes, 1", not 1.4") monitors with pole mounts.  I bought 6 or 8 of them to get through a weekend where I need a pile of extra speakers for various things, fully intending on putting them back in their boxes and selling them as dealer demos on the following Monday, as I was a dealer for this particular mfg at the time.

The nicest part about them was the cabinet - it was birch with a sprayed truck bed finish, although it wasn't the greatest wedge angle.  But the HF driver was a little mylar 1" B&C DE10, the LF was a 12" Eminence stamped frame (Beta maybe?), and the horn was this flimsy little injection molded piece of plastic.  Dual 1/4" & NL4 jacks, light bulb on the crossover, strap handle (!!!) - the works.  It screamed 'MI', but for some reason, every artist that stepped in front of them loved them.  To me they didn't sound great at all, but I think that little HF driver had just enough of the "icepick in the ear" feature to cut through stage wash and project up to the person in front of it.  After a weekend of this, I had second thoughts and decided to hold onto them. 

Fast forward 4 years, and they eventually got spruced up a bit - strap handles removed, NL4s added to either end and 1/4" jacks removed, logos stripped, foam added to the back of the grille - and they ended up in front of some B and C level nationals parked in an install.  To my knowledge they're still in there and still going, but for the speaker that was only expected to last a weekend, they made their money back MANY times over.
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