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zohar pajela:
hi there, this is my first post, however i have been a long time reader in this forum and have picked up a lot of things here. i just got a job in a sound renting company and i have a some questions running through my head. obviously i have a lot to learn specially in the networking and digital realm,

we just did a show yesterday and we had 4 mixers in the site

2 of them (Digico Sd8 and digidesign profile) is used for house mix

the other 2 (digidesign profile and yamaha mclXXX, i dont quite remember)  are for live national television broadcast

they told me they had to use two mixers on the house mix cause they would be short of the 60 inputs that is required. there where 48 inputs that are available on our profile's stage box then we used sd8's stage box for the additional inputs.

as far as i know, we had madi running between sd8 and profile to use them together then we ran another bnc cable for the broadcast room using profile and yamaha mcl boards

now i had this question running in my head since the day of set up. im sure there's got to be better a way.

my question is, cant they just add two input cards to our profile stage box from our 2nd profile stage box (giving us 62 inputs) and make the two profile consoles share one stage box? wouldnt that be the easy thing to do?   

thanks in advance


Roland Clarke:
I'm on my way out, so only a short reply.  Potentially, yes.  You would need two stage racks (Venue runs 48 inputs per rack).  You could potentially run between the consoles using Madi, however, of course you need the madi boards on the FOH and Monitor racks.  The only problem this creates is that profile doesn't have gain tracking so you would have to set gains accurately and not interfere with them unless you potentially want problems.  With a Madi split such as the RME you could then send a feed to a broadcast unit via Madi. 

The only caveat is that I would suspect a broadcast crew to be possibly unhappy sharing a Madi split, they would most likely want to take their own stage split, not to mention for broadcast they will almost certainly want additional audience feeds and possibly other feeds that you would not be using.

Hope this helps.

zohar pajela:
thanks for the reply, i didnt know that you could only have 48 inputs in one stage rack, my bad, i asked around yesterday about the deal of having two mixers for FOH. some guy told me  it was because they need more inputs, however it appears to be that our clients wants a separate mixer for the vocals and the band. thanks


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