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what PA for this place???

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Danijel Foler:
What PA will be good for techno party in this place? I can use LAB subwoffers. Is it 8 enough? For my reference, if you can write exactly what combination speakers is good combination. Example: 8 lab subs and 8 kf850. amps is not problems.


Tim Talbot:
Labsub are not going to be the best sub for a techno party as there more of a sub sub and techno is all about kick and speed which the lab is not.

If you want too use a home built speaker cabinet try the USB sub.

Danijel Foler:
usb sub? what is this?

Tim Talbot:

--- Quote from: Danijel Foler on February 22, 2011, 03:40:15 AM ---usb sub? what is this?

--- End quote ---

Heres all the details and the plans for the USB sub

Great sub and works very well when loaded with the Turbomax 1500 - good luck and have fun :)

Chris Carpenter:
Wouldn't a few dual 18" have more kick, and thus be better for techno?


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