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Author Topic: Super Small bass: sb122 v Tuba24  (Read 2506 times)

Eric Wong!

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Super Small bass: sb122 v Tuba24
« on: December 28, 2006, 04:40:09 PM »

Looking for some advice to complete my “B”/mini rig for low powered applications.  I’ll try to cover all the qualifiers:
System will be used with 4 EV SX80’s as described in this thread, actively crossed over with its own dedicated amp:

This will be for low to moderate volumes, where the audience will be <100 and close to speakers.  Recorded music, speech, amplified live guitar and singing will be going through the system.  Looking to save weight and space I am not interested in the loudest, lowest, furthest projecting sub.  I am interested in filling in the lows of the above mentioned system.  

If anybody else has a suggestion then I’m all ears.  It must be: light weight, small, passive, decently performing, cheap (<$700 USD/pair street price), handle around 300-400 watts per channel continuous.  I’ve narrowed it down to two contenders EV sb122 or Tuba 24, based on price, features, performance etc.  
EV sb122 (12” direct radiator)
Very light weight, 32 lbs
Will hold resale value
cosmetically matched to SX series

Will not perform as well as 2 properly placed tuba 24’s

Tuba 24 (10” horn loaded)
Should outperform sb122
Cheaper overall

Zero resale value
I’ll have to build it
The build quality will be only as good as me
Larger/heavier then SB122
Have to use at least two
Horn design, has to be carefully positioned

I’ve never heard the Tuba 24 so I can’t say how the performance is.  But from the sounds of it, they can sound better then my 18” direct radiators Shocked  Any advice?

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