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System Equipment Guide

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Ryan Garnett:
Jordan Wolf wrote on Mon, 25 February 2008 07:33
I'd highly recommend Belden cable be added to the list.  Here's the link to their e-catalog:


Karl P(eterson):
I would add ramtech, radial engineering, horizon and CBI to the snake list

I would add digidesign, and studer to the list as consoles that are starting to be seen more.

I would add d&b to all the speaker and monitor categories

There is probably a ton of other stuff we could add, but those are at least all main stream stuff.


Karl P

Phil LaDue:
Link Italy-

Under Cover-

Hybrid Cases-


You can also add EONA to the monitor category.

Ryan Garnett:

Wil Davis:
Nice job with the list, Ryan!  

I always take an SPL meter with me on any sound gig.  I'm amazed at how few folk have ever seen one let alone know what it's used for.  It saves any arguments about just how loud etc. etc.

I have a couple from Galaxy Audio and I think Radio Shack still carry their own model. 7&cp=2032057

- Wil


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