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System Equipment Guide

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Wil Davis:
Oh, and another thing…


I use Etymotics;  here's the link to Etymotic Research:

- Wil

Ryan Garnett:

Sean Perryman:
earplugs/custom fit ear buds for IEM systems


transportation and storage

UHaul sells their used trucks

Ryan Garnett:
Well we have a slight problem guys. With the new edit rules, I can't update the post anymore

Mods, any suggestions?

I might have to resort to moving it off PSW to it's own site. I had thoughts in the past to do it (and expand it to include more specifics) but wonder if it would remain valuable when not here in the lounge.

Pete Bansen: - Great supplier for all sorts of custom cables, connectors, raw cable, etc.  Reasonable prices and fast service - next best thing to building 'em yourself.


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