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Xilica 3060 or Ashly 36/3.24cl Thoughts ??

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Dean Wells:
Hello all.. hope this finds you well..

need a reasonable 3/6 processor.
going in circles and ending up between these 2
stand alone mobile project so no other compatibility issues etc.
street price points seem to be $1100/$700 respectively ..
any thoughts?.. is one more intuitive, service/support etc..


Although I owned xta, bss  and TC processors, the Ashly seems a good deal for the features a usb port for pc control and programming and the controls section is clearly labelled on the front panel....... would make it a more "user friendly "processor in my opinion.....but can't go wrong with either......


Jim Duyck:
I have a rig with the the Ashley 3.6SP in it.  I absolutely love it.  I've also found the editing software very easy to use.  It makes for a great cost-effective LR+Subs setup with a little MixWiz & QSC K-Series boxes.

Tim McCulloch:
My only complaint with Xilica is that getting purchase info is next to impossible, and support only exists when you contact them.  I hear they're very responsive (a Good Thing), but if support is needed after hours it would be nice to have web resources.

Ashly is stellar in support and dealer network.  For those reasons alone I'd pick Ashly.

Have fun, good luck.

Tim Mc

Lee Buckalew:
Xilica is good enough that Danley uses them as their OEM processor manufacturer.
That said, I use the Xilica's as my go to low price DSP.  I've had one with out of the box problems and it was replaced ASAP with no questions.  Programming is quite simple via USB, I have not used the network connection on them.

Lee Buckalew
Pro Sound Advice, Inc.


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