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Wedge-Fest '06, September 9-10

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Bennett Prescott:
Come one, come all, to the 2006 Monitor Wedge Listen Fest in beautiful Troy, NY. Join your fellow LABsters in two days of pure audio bliss as we beat the snot out of a whole slew of excellent wedges.

It's official, the dates are:
Saturday, September 9th from 10:00 a.m. until whenever and
Sunday, September 10th from 1:00 p.m. until everyone leaves.

The location is John Chiara's club, Revolution Hall, at 425 River Street in Troy, NY 12180. There is readily available parking nearby. The club is 600 capacity with a large stage and a Danley installed system with SH-50s & TH-115s for the main floor, plus SH-100s for the balcony. That should be plenty of reason to come, even if my smiling face isn't impetus enough. Several attendees are also bringing instruments, so bring yours and you can hear how the wedges hold up under fire!

There will be plenty to eat and drink, food will be provided by the fine folks at Huge Universe. There will be all sorts of beer as well, there's 14 taps in the club, also on the house.

Please come expecting to take something home... there will be giveaways from a few cable and connector manufacturers, T-Shirts from LOUD, and any other swag I can snag. There will also be wedges that I don't want to keep and that need to be used on shows after the event, so come in a large vehicle and take something home to try out. We'll take care of the details, we just need people to write up road tests on these boxes at no cost to themselves.

Due to suggestions by many people, I'm going to pare down the number of wedges that will be at the Listen Fest to make sure we can give each one enough time. The following wedges will definitely be there, plus one or two others at the most:

* Community M12
* FBT Something (PSR 212M?)
* Adamson Something
* ADR Audio M1225
* Radian Microwedge 12"
* EV XW15A
* Assistance Audio 12" Coax
I'm going to have to ask that nobody else bring a wedge unless they've already been asked to (PM me if you're unsure). Mark has promised me I can do another one of these at some point in the not too distant future, and we'll try and cover more wedges of interest at that point. I wish there was enough time to get every wedge in the industry into one room, but that would be unrealistic and do nobody a service. Hopefully this first event will tell me enough about what to do in the future that we can have an even better one the second go around, and this way every wedge should get a fair trial.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions, (518) 488-7190 and I also respond to PMs. If you need to be picked up from a train or a plane, that can be arranged. If you need a place to stay or a good local hotel, we can probably work something out.

Sorry there was a little bit of lag there, I've been very busy. Most of the pieces are now in place. Hope to see you there!

Michael 'Bink' Knowles:
...I'm going to pare down the number of wedges that will be at the Listen Fest to make sure we can give each one enough time...

A hard decision but the right one. Good going!

Have fun Festing! I'll be doing a very boring gig in Boston instead... hatin' it.  

Cheers, Big Ears!


Mac Kerr:
Bennett, I think you should include one of the standards that everyone uses as a yardstick, either a Clair 12AM, or a Firehouse F12. Also with all the discussion about powered wedges it would be nice to include that UM-1P.


Bennett Prescott:
Mac, I'd be OK with a "reference wedge" as long as it was understood that it wasn't there to be evaluated like the others... I don't want to make poor Firehouse send me a road case and a pair of wedges for a show when we're just using their wedge as a yardstick. If you want to haul up a Meyer box that would be OK... I think that the properties of each wedge will be readily apparent with or without a solid reference, and that sort of thing is notoriously hard to calibrate as well.

John Chiara:
This is the Sat-Sun dates ...correct? Please everyone be advised of the Sunday schedule..I'll let Bennett flesh it out.
Looking forward to a great listening. I also have a 6 piece drum kit here that we can use for any playing...I also have 2 2x12 guitar cabs and one Ampeg tube amp...and mics and cables. It would be great for some ggod playing to be happening as well as listening.



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