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Yamaha S2115H III

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Robin Phelps:
Hi- I picked up some yamaha S2115H III model floor monitors. I have been cleaning them up and replacing the handles etc. They are big/heavy and loud! I can't find any info at all on these. Google doesn't have any info and Yamaha couldn't tell me about them? It seems they were made in the US down in Georgia from 1988 to 1995. They are tolex covered with the full grill and two nice logo's-one is on the grill. They are bi-ampable with 1/4" outputs/inputs. Someone has added an xlr to them but it seems to be a red/black wire going to them that is tied into the in/out panel? Anyone used them or know what speakers/horn are in them? They are all plywood and did I say HEAVY?? I was going to have them recovered but they aren't that bad now and kinda have that classic I've been used look:) Thanks for any leads on info etc.. Thanks!-Robin

Doug Fowler:
Please go to your profile and put your full name in the Name field.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Robin Phelps:
Thanks- I did and am on the right track now :)

Darrel Hayes:
I have 4 of these monster floor monitors.  They are LOUD and HEAVY.  I have used these monitors primarily for rock bands.  No complaints.  I typically run these full-range.  I tried biamping the monitors a few times but no one noticed a difference onstage.  So I just run these full-range now.  I am now in the process of recovering the cabinets and replacing the full-range jacks with NL4.  The only problem that I have found is the Yamaha diaphragms are expensive and not always available.  I replaced the drivers with Emminence and have never looked back.  I believe that the 15's are Emminence.  These have worked great in festivals and large stages.  When appearances matter more than stage volume, then I use smaller Yamaha 12's...I would not mind having another 2 if the opportunity presents itself.  The monitors may be old but do the job. 

Robin Phelps:
Hi Darrel- Thanks so much for the reply! I too put new handles and some new corners where needed. They are heavy and they are loud and have the highs(horn) contol knob I mistook for a volume knob at first :).. I wanted to recover them with carpet but the sample I had was like a magnet to everything. I had the idea that the krylon plastic paint would work on the tolex. Didn't for me(still sticky in spots) and I used special prep to clean etc. The vinyl/fabric paint might work but I haven't tried that yet. I too want to change to the nL4's. They really sound great. What model diaphragms did you use? Thanks again!!-Robin


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