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TC Electronic C300

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Tom Reid:
David Kaiser wrote on Mon, 05 July 2010 15:56
The unit just mentioned in the previous post just went wonky on me this weekend. I was running speech through channel one to recording and the channel quit. Power light was still on, but no channel lights. I switched to channel two and went on. Then channel 2 stopped for a short while. Then it restarted  on its own and worked to the end of the three day gig. I ran a cd player directly into the inputs and it seemed fine. Will be calling TC Electronic about repair.

I had one of these do exactly that. Then die.
TC had it back to me quick.

I run (on a GB8) a C300 on the vox group and compress 7 and 8 with individual channels no stereo link.  It fits nice there and brings the vocals into the realm of the other instruments in the mix while staying on top.  It does have a few bad side effects as any open compressed vocal group would.


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