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The LAB Networking and Invitation Thead

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Dave Dermont:
This thread is for posting invitations to shows and/or letting people know what part of the world a tour might be bringing you to.

This could also include things like who is going to what trade shows when.

You can expect posts to be deleted after the event dates have past.

See ya'll soon

Dave Dermont

Lee Brenkman:
Through August 2, "Grampa" will down on "The Farm" mixing the Stanford Jazz Festival

Then I'm off with the corporate party band for a gig in Toronto 8/4 htm

During the days the rest of this month I'm doing maintenance and scheduling for the "regular" club gig

Rob Flaherty:
If anyone is in Indy any wednesday or thursday night for the rest of eternity,come hear me chisel the worst sounding room of your life.Bring your wallets, investment portfolio ,or 401K, the beers are $5.50-$6.50 imported.(No, I cannot get a deal,my girlfriend bats her eyes at the bartenders and gets something)
Lulu's,North side of Indy.Keystone and the crossing. 10-1:30

jeffhtg (Jeff Kenney):
If your ever in Orlando

We have a few nightclubs downtown - most that are more college oriented. A few small bars, gay ultra lounge, a couple trendy nightclubs.

and just outside of Orlando a very nice live venue (in Clermont) a couple guys from here play there. Thurs,Friday,Sat live music and Comedy night weds!

Christian Tepfer:

I'm one of the locals @fabrik, mainly on monitors, if anybody has a gig scheduled there I look forward to hear from you.

Apart of that I can supply any help needed in Hamburg if an emergency should occur. And of course coffee, tea and some snacks in our garden 10 minutes from the center of hamburg when I'm at home.

EDIT: if somebody is to visit the Fabrik anytime soon it would be nice to get us a rat sound sniffer, which is hard to get here...   euros can be provided on location, dollars in advance via paypal. (I'm not sure if this request will comply to forum rules, if not - please edit out this part)


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