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iLive R72

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--- Quote from: Mark Sexton on February 19, 2011, 09:34:45 PM ---
With the touring group, what kind of setup are you looking at on stage/ how many of the 32 channels are usually used at one time?

Have any of you guys used the iPad app? We're thinking about that as a possible control option in addition to the control surface.

--- End quote ---

Mark, we're using 26 ip channels of which 16 are split/patched to both FOH and MON, we share pre amp gain but each has a separate trim......all other functions are independent....routing/processing etc....

As this tour started before the release of both mixpad app and v 1.80 needed to run it, we are using 2 editor sessions at monitors, one wired and the other wireless.........should anything happen such as loss of connection (wifi mode )I could take over the mon. mix from the foh, I have it accessible from my surface at FOH....never needed to do that though.......we are looking into the mixpad for the next series, but, I would still operate a wired editor session parallel to it just in thing to remember , should you loose connection with the rack, re-connecting would momentarily "freeze" controls on the surface.......that is audio passes fine but any adjustments made to a fader/eq /comp etc. would be delayed by several seconds.......

visit the iLive discussion boards for more ....

hope that helps


Tim Tyler:
Mark -

I've used the Ipad/Mixpad with an R72 and T112 over the last 2 weeks.  There are a couple of "buggy", but fixable issues (-a "low memory" lockup that is fixed by shutting down any other apps on the ipad, for instance), but all in all, I think it is a fit replacement for laptop/touchpad wireless mixing. 

The app is multitouch, navigation is quick, there are 2 "custom" layers that are configurable.  There are limitations, but they are in the realm of setup & system configuration, live mixing is very do-able, not like laptop mixing.  I think this is what wireless mixing should be.  I mixed a 4 hr gig last night entirely from the ipad, no issues, used 50% of the battery life.

-Tim T       

drew gandy:
I know this is OT but anybody have an issue registering on the Ilive forum?  I've found that the 'submit' button on the registration page takes me to a google search page.  Haven't been able to register at all.

It seems that the birthdate fields weren't loading correctly and the system wouldn't take my registration without that information.  David Haughton from Allen Heath gave me the clue that the system automatically kicks out to Google from the Captcha system when there is an issue to avoid registration of bots.

No Name:
I had a demo of the R72 the other day, and can say that it is now my favorite compact digital desk, closely followed by the Soundcraft Si Compact.

The R72 offers all the same functionality as the full size t-Live, but a smaller surface with more layers.  It has all the features you could possibly need on a console of that scale, is easy to use, relatively inexpensive and sounds a hell of a lot better than an LS9 so it seems like a real alternative to the other small digitals that are now on the market.

I will be going down to an A&H service centre on Friday to demo some other products so if anyone has any questions that want to out to the A&H guys, give me a shout and i'll ask em for you!


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