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APB Dynasonics Spectra-T - Show Report

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Andy Peters:
Jim Bowersox wrote on Mon, 22 May 2006 10:07
I'll bet the APB design team all have small fingers...those little buttons take a little getting used to by a large-handed individual like myself.

I bet they wanted to reduce the footprint/size/weight as much as reasonable.  Your fingers may not like it, but your back will.


Dave C(arugo):
Can I ask is it a 2 man lift in the case?
Thanks and Regards,
Dave C.

The Guy:
Believe it or not, the demo model didn't have a case.  

Bolly will disagree, but it was a 1-man lift for me without the case.  Then again, this was only a 24.  

A 40/48 in a nice doghouse case would probably be manageable for two vigorous young go-getters.  Then again, no one can argue with EZ tilts.


Alexandre Richer:
For those looking at, the pictures are actually very neat once you right-click and use "Show image" (and maybe click on it so it shows full size).

Brian Bolly:
Let me add my $0.02...

I got a chance to talk with Chuck Augustowski a week or so ago when he brought this desk into our office along with our local rep.  We didn't have any chance to pass audio through it, but he also brought an 8-channel block so that we could see the construction of the desk and its layout.  I knew I had a relatively high-demand gig coming up and it was during this time that I was able to arrange the demo.

I was aware of some of the feature set for the console before it was even released to the public, and know some of the people that were consulted for the design - this console is no slouch.  As such, I had high expectations for the desk, but was still blown away with its ease of use and, above all, sound quality.  The things that make it especially nice are the finer points that are overlooked on some other designs.  Sound quality aside, I think my favorite feature is the mute light status - no more guessing if the channel is muted via its own switch or via a mute group.  

Even though it is a 1-man lift for a 24ch frame not in a case, I don't forsee it being liftable for one person when properly cased, especially in a larger frame size.  Could one person flip it on an easy tilt?  Probably.  Push it up a truck ramp?  Sure.  But, for safety reasons I wouldn't want to do it.

I'll openly admit that I'm a large fan of digital desks.  In fact, my next purchase was slated to be a Yamaha M7CL-48.  However, after using and hearing this console, I'd say that it's now on my (short) list of desk choices, arguments about digital vs. analog aside.

I've attached a photo of the desk in action.  The blue LED's aren't really as painfully bright as they may appear to be in the photo.


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