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Author Topic: Is it worth it to buy new from non-dealers?  (Read 2074 times)

Dan Brandesky

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Is it worth it to buy new from non-dealers?
« on: May 22, 2006, 04:55:16 PM »

I do a lot of searching on ebay for good deals on, you guessed it, sound equipment. I find a lot of places that have really good deals, but the majority of places with the best deals, again, amazingly are not dealers, because they don't bind to the MAP dealies. From what I understand of most companies' policies on their warranties, if you puchase the product new from a non-dealer, the warranty is not valid. Therefore, is it worth it to buy, say, an amplifier new online for a good price from a non-dealer for that particular brand (say Yamaha; I thought of this as I was looking at a good deal on a Yamaha P5000S amp for my club series speakers)? Any thoughts are welcome.

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Bob Cap

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Re: Is it worth it to buy new from non-dealers?
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2006, 05:29:19 PM »


It really comes down to if you feel you need the warranty?

Afterall it is electronics...that sometimes decides to stop working...sometimes right after you get it home....

I always buy new gear through authorized dealers. Otherwise you might as well buy a used piece of gear. At least then you know if it worked out of the box...

Bob Cap
Advanced Audio Inc.
Gilbert, MN

Dave Rickard

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Re: Is it worth it to buy new from non-dealers?
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2006, 06:14:51 PM »

It depends on what you're buying.  Beware counterfeits. counterfeit#msg_80228

Yorkville dealer

"The wrong piece of gear, at the right price, is still the wrong piece of gear."

"If you don't have good stuff at each end of the signal chain, (mics and speakers) what you use in between is just turd polish."--Dave Dermont

Bud Bolf

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Re: Is it worth it to buy new from non-dealers?
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2006, 12:07:35 AM »

I was checking out this same question when I was looking at Crown Power Amps.
I called Crown and asked them what is the pluses and minuses from purchasing a Crown Power amp on ebay and from a non authorised dealer.

Here is what they told me:

1) As far as Warranty, you will still have their 3 year warranty.
However when the Warranty period Starts would be different.
a) With Authorised Dealers the Warranty period begins with the actual date of purchase on your receipt.
b) Non Authorised dealer's the Warranty period begins with the date that the Power amp was actually manufactured.
So you hope that it is not old stock or has been sitting on the shelf for very long!

2) If out of the box there is a problem with the Amp, you may return the Amp to the Authorised Dealer and receive a new Amp.
 a) If the same thing happens with a non Authorised dealer, the Amp would need to go to Crown, for Factory Repair!

I ultimately found a Authorised Dealer that was a $50.00 difference from the cheapest non authorised Ebay dealer that I could find.
However RMC Audio had Free Shipping and I would have had to pay the shipping with the Ebay dealer!
For the cost of a $20 dollar bill, I went with RMC, an Authorised Dealer!

Each piece of gear and Manufacturer may be different.
I would advise calling the Manufacturer and ask them yourself.
I have always purchased via Authorised Dealers and have also found that if you do your homework you can do so at little extra cost.
There are many Authorised Dealers on Ebay.
I've purchased from Authorised Ebay dealers for:
1) Shure Mic's
2) DBX Gear
3) Sennheiser Gear
4) TC Electronics

Call them and ask if they are actual Authorised dealer or not.
I've had dealers advertise Full US Warranty and then find out that they are not really Authorised as in the Crown Amp purchase.

BUYER BEWARE! Especially on Ebay!
I also purchased a CE4000 on ebay from a gentleman that said that he was Authorised, so I called Crown, and they said that he was not.
I called him back and he said that it was not under his Ebay dealer name but a different name and a company out of New York.
He gave me the Company name and I called Crown back, this time they confirmed that yes that dealer and his name was Authorised.
I made sure that he gave me a Receipt from the Authorised Company, which he did not want to do but he eventually did!
Man you have to watch these people, some shady deals going on!
Cross your T's and dot your i's and be careful!



Joel North

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Re: Is it worth it to buy new from non-dealers?
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2006, 06:26:58 AM »

I know of at least one dealer on eBay that I deal with a fair bit, they are authorized and therefore can't advertise some of their products below a certain price, but state in their auctions that they can do better on the price but simply can't advertise it.. Message them and they'll give you their best price possible. There are some very good dealers on eBay, if you do your research then you should be able to find a dealer you're happy with and a product that is well supported!
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