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"Grapple" type device


Bonnie Lackey:
Without any affiliation with the company that makes the Grapple, has anyone used it for decor or stage lighting?  Sorry for using the brand name but don't know what you would call it generically.  Having left the industry a year ago after 30 years and with no intention of reentering, HERE I AM.  Trying to catch up with all the new LED products, controllers, etc.  Wow!  We have come far with more to come (bendable truss?).  I'm currently putting most of my attention on our will call rental department and offer more ideas for decor lighting.  If in Seattle, drop by.  Bonnie Lackey, PSAV

Justin Dodd:
Hi Bonnie,

We use Grapples all the time for event lighting and hanging/creating decore elements. Extremely handy for custom truss configurations and desings that dont lend themselves to stock truss sizes.

Gus Housen:
I am fascinated by what this device may be, is there a manufactures website link?

Glad to hear your back @ it Bonnie.

Daniel Cash:

Here is a link to a Grapple.

Seems like it would opens up a lot of additional creative options when working with truss.


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