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Scanners or Moving Head Fixtures for a Band

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Chris Hunt:
Give me you opinion.  Pros and Cons of both for corporate/provate party work.  Full 12 piece band.  What will look and perform best? Thanks!

Duncan McLennan:
Scanners are, at least in my experience, less likely to wear out and break down, because they have less moving parts. Or at the very least the parts that are moving aren't nearly as large and complex as in a moving yoke fixture. Often they can pack smaller because they're rectangular (or close to it) and will fit in multiple-unit cases well. Movers need big cases.

Movers are very often brighter for a given lamp power. Also they look way cooler. Their optics can be more accurate, though quality scanners can have excellent optics also.

If I were going to my automated fixtures for my band, I'd get scanners.

Chris Hunt:
Thanks Duncan!

Assuming that packing, weight, etc. is not an issue, would you still go with scanners?  We want the WOW effect.  Not too concerned with speed, as we are not trying to create a DJ feel from our lights, rather different stage scenes and moods and cool effects.  With the LED moving heads coming out now, we can get into several quality led moving heads cheaper than the equivalent featured scanners.  Thoughts?

Duncan McLennan:
I haven't used LED moving heads yet, so I can't say. But it seems to me an LED moving head that's cheaper than a traditional/discharge scanner is not going to be as nice a unit. What LEd moving heads are cheaper than an equivalent scanner?

LED movers also can't give you a point source, which is obviously necessary for any gobo projections.

I would probably use a mix of discharge scanners, and LED PARS if various scenes was what I was after.

duane massey:
ADJ/Elation will be releasing a new LED scanner w/ rotating gobos;
I suspect it will part of the Elation Vizi series, but it could be an addition to the ADJ Accu series.
As long as nothing in the rig is really bright (500w pars, 250w discharge), I wouldn't hesitate to use the new generation LED scanner/movers.


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