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Chris Hindle:

--- Quote from: Mac Kerr on January 14, 2011, 08:36:22 PM ---Tree view is not supported by this forum software. We are working on ways to make flat view give some of the information that is available in tree view.

--- End quote ---
Other than quoting the message you are responding to, is it possible to edit the little tag "Reply #xx" to indicate a trail of some sort?
 Kind of: Reply TO #12, #3, #1
then, click on 12 or 3 to read that message ?
I put up and ran a 2 line BBS in the early and mid 80's, Back when Hayes 1200 modems were da bomb. "little" changes were not always little to impliment !  >:(

Marsellus Fariss:
Been here since the CompuServe days. Not going anywhere no matter how many times your change my dog food dish. Learned a ton here back when I was cutting my teeth and lived in a place where there was only one other "live sound guy" within a hours drive. God bless the "Live-Audio Board"! 

So when do I get to be one of the old crusty sailors around here that go off on people who ask about kick drum mics?



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