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Author Topic: Main speakers in a small sanctuary  (Read 9425 times)

Alan Hamilton

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Re: Main speakers in a small sanctuary
« Reply #10 on: October 11, 2004, 04:27:42 PM »

We did an install this past spring using the Yorkville C2890 spkrs. I'm going to try and attach a pic (never posted a pic using this software before).

We did turn the horns (which are rotatable) for coverage with the cabs in the horizontal position. They are mounted using the optional C2890 brackets.

They are nice sounding speakers for the money, tho as you can see in the pic, we used more than a pair to cover the room and keep the volume down as much as possible.

Also, there are some subs in the room.

I'm not sure how 'lively' your services are as far as music so it makes it tough for me to make a call on whether the C2890's would be sufficient for you without subs. FWIW, your existing spkrs could be used for your organ so that shouldn't be an issue.

While the speakers aren't at all 'thin' sounding they are 2-8" spkrs (plus horn) and so expecting them to 'rock' (without subs) is a little much. Even moreso if you are asking a pr to cover the room.

That is the generic info. If you have some specific questions I could give you more detail.


AlanH "Hope the pic shows up"

Daniel wrote on Sun, 26 September 2004 23:32


I need some suggestions on main speakers for a church sanctuary.  The seating area is a rectangle, 34 feet wide by 60 feet deep.  The pews are padded, seat and back, and are in two sections, one on either side with a center isle.  The ceiling is flat, approximately 13 feet high at the front.  The floor is carpeted and  slopes up to the back so the ceiling is lower in the back, just over 9 feet.  The pulpit and choir area is pushed out into a newer addition at the front.  Currently, the main speakers are on either side of the sanctuary, mounted in the front wall.  Since they are to the side, but behind the pulpit there is always some trouble with feedback.  Can you believe they were also wired with Romex (house wire)?  I want to move them out in front of the pulpit nearer the seating area and replace the Romex.  The current speakers are Peavey, not sure the model, with a Horn and a 12 or 15, but not appropriate for exposed mounting.  A center array will not look good because of the low ceiling height.  Right now I am considering mounting two Yorkville C2890 cabinets on the flat ceiling just before the first row of pews and centering each cabinet on the center of each section of pews. Does anyone have any comments on this idea?  Will the Yorkville's have enough "throw" to reach the back?  My other concern is will I have enough bass for the occasional accompaniment tracks or more contemporary music.  One idea is to try the C2890's for now and possibly add a sub-woofer later if needed.  If this doesn't work out, I have also considered a pair of Peavey Sanctuary Series SSE 12's mount on the side walls at the front of the seating area.  What does everyone think?  By the way, I am trying to keep the speakers under $1000.  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Main speakers in a small sanctuary
« Reply #10 on: October 11, 2004, 04:27:42 PM »

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