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Author Topic: Apogee Sound Drvier TS parameters  (Read 1552 times)

Antone Atmarama Bajor

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Apogee Sound Drvier TS parameters
« on: January 30, 2006, 09:18:08 pm »

     Hey does anyone here know where to get TS parameters for Apogee drivers???  They don't seem to make that available.  We inherited a small pile of Apogee 12" drivers and some 15's.  I would like to do something with them.  The Thiele-Small Loudspeaker Database doesn't seem to have them but I suspect that they just have someone else make their drivers and put their own label on them.

    I suppose I could do the know volume tests and measures with them but I'm lazy I would much rather just have them.  Anyone know a little more about Apogee Drivers????



Octavio Cesar Valenzuela

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Re: Apogee Sound Drvier TS parameters
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2006, 04:34:53 am »

Ye of appogee driver afficition, depending on the vintage of your appogee drivers they are either mccauley, Ev or eminence. I know this because I worked for a company building drivers for them(mainly small midrange pieces.)I became friends with one of the manager types and got to see a bunch of their products from the inside out. They have started using other drivers since then but these brands are probably still thier mainstay. Your main problem is that those drivers you have may have some tweek to them, that even though they are based on stock Ev, eminence, or maccualey drivers, have somewhat different t/s parameters than the stock lines. If you posted pictures I might be able to identify the drivers or get you in the ball park. If you wanted to know for sure you could measure them your self with a  mesurement system. There are a several different levels of mesurement systems available starting with a product from Parts express (called the woofer tester-$160), Lms from Linear X systems(around $1500), Clio from audiomatica(around $2000), or something from klippel which can run up to the $10,000 depending on the options. the woofer tester is great for the beginer the rest require significant learning. good luck.
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