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'Invisible' Screen join lines


Sheldon Gooi:

anyone has this problem on larger screens? I am using a Draper FastFold type screen, 10.5'x14', and there is a 'heat weld' across the screen, where they join the fabric for a larger size.
Usually not a problem, but when a client notices it, they usually go ballistic, and go on and on about that line ruining the image for their event. Especially when the slides are predominantly white. I've had the same problem with larger AVStumpfl screens, which they claim are 'Seamless Optic'.
anyone have solutions or workarounds for this? Any particular brands do this better?
Just wanna see how you guys manage this problem.


Brad Weber:
I have run into that, in particular with a perforated 'acoustically transparent' screen that was obviously perforated prior to being seamed since the perforations did not line up at the seam and created a band that was solid rather than acoustically transparent.  I have found that Stewart Filmscreen can often do larger seamless screen sizes than most others.

Lee Douglas:
+1 for Stewart.


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