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Interesting Windows alternative to StageMix

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Brad Gibson:,760.0.html
Did we miss this thread?

Fixed link

Frederik Rosenkjśr:
Thanks for the heads up! Just bought - looks awesome and so far works fine in the warehouse. Looking forward to using it in combat.

Randy Pence:

--- Quote from: Justice C. Bigler on February 16, 2011, 06:20:49 PM ---hmmm...interesting. Certainly looks like a much more usable GUI than Studio Manager.

PM5D version coming soon?

Really though, I think Yamaha needs to man-up and give SM a complete overhaul in light of the wireless tablet revolution of the last couple years.

--- End quote ---

think that will come before a new mixer?

Justice C. Bigler:

--- Quote from: Randy Pence on February 17, 2011, 03:25:39 PM ---think that will come before a new mixer?

--- End quote ---
I hope so, because from what I've heard there's not going to be a new mixer, at least not in the PM1D segment.

John Neil:
Any reports on using airfader remotely...running on a stationary PC but controlled via VNC on ipad/tablet?

Not to beat a dead horse from recent topics, but could well inform a hardware purchase to control a variety of consoles and networked system devices.


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