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2 channel 31 band eq choice

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james page:
Are there any decent ones that offer feedback detection?

Richard McLawhorn:
The Shure DFR11EQ and the DFR22 I think is the 2 channel model.  They offer like 12 auto detection notch filters.  It also has delay, graphic eq and lots of other features BUT they are only accessible through the software interface, so on the fly adjustments are not easy unless you have a laptop sitting there ready to make adjustments. 

Behringer makes a similar feedback destroyer.  I had one and i got rid of it, too many things i just did not like about it.  Mainly the user interface, although it too has a pc interface...

I've used the shure units with good success but i never liked the behringer...

Marsellus Fariss:
Your the best feedback detector. Get an RTA/ spectrograph program and run it from the solo bus of the console on a laptop if you want a feedback detector that works. That'll let you solo your auxes you may be running wedges off if you need. That and a pair of good headphones is the best way.

What does the rest of the system quality wise consist of? Any other areas getting upgraded? The dbx and Ashley are fine units for the price. If EQ is all you need, then they are the proper choices. The Driverack PA can sound OK (we use one, but it is now one of the weak links in our audio chain). The 260 would be the minimum choice if more than EQ is needed.

Why is there a need for feedback reduction? A properly setup system should not need this. If you have feedback issues now without a main system EQ, getting one "may" solve that problem if the offending frequencies are the ones that need to be reduced by EQ for a better sounding system.

Most of this depends alot on the system quality, room acoustics, speaker placement etc....

Tim McCulloch:
Bob W. makes a good point: what's the rest of the rig like?

That said, you can find KT DN-360 or BSS FCS960 used, for around $500.  John Chiara has a KT DN-3600 (digitally controlled analog) in the Marketplace for the same price.

I've used a bunch of dbx 12/22 series EQ (they're the same inside except for the noise reduction and "limiter").  Most of them have held up very well.  I like the Ashly graphics, too, along with Symmetrix.

If I were carrying analog EQ with *me* today, I'd take my KT DN-410 2 ch. parametric.  If I need more than that, I've got something very, very wrong in my setup or deployment.

Have fun, good luck.

Tim Mc


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