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2 channel 31 band eq choice

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Brian Wilkinson:
I'm looking to get one for FOH. I'm looking at the DBX 2231 but can't get the Ashly GQX 3102 out of my head. What is the favored eq in this category in the under $600 budget.

Thanks, Brian

Robert Weston:
The dbx units are good, but there shouldn't be too much eq'ing going on at FOH anyway.  Either unit would probably suffice for FOH EQ.

Wayne Dewey:
Brian,   IMHO the Ashley has a slightly lower noise floor and possibly built a little sturdier than the dBx unit.  Both are reasonable for the prices asked.  BUT!  I will ask you the same question someone asked me when I was looking to upgrade in that department,  Why spend $500 on an EQ when you can get a a really good GEQ, a PEQ, compressor, 3 way crossover, sub-harmonic synth, and much more,------all for the same $500.   I went with the dBx DriveRack PA and have been very pleased ever since.

Royce Covington:
considering the budget range, i'd opt for a used BSS FCS-960!

as has been mentioned, for main eq, i'd be happy with a dual-parametric, as only minimal eq ought to be necessary.


Richard McLawhorn:
I have always been a big fan of the Ashly GEQ's.  In my old analog FOH rack i had both an ashly geq 3102 and an alesis PEQ-450 (2 channels of parametric eq, 5 bands per channel, OR linkable to have 10 bands on a single channel, including HPF and LPF's.  Fully parametric of course...frequent, Q, gain)

I still use the ashly graphic with my digital console, as the yamaha 01v96 has no graphic eq...

IMHO, the drive rack PA is junk...the 260 is the minimum way to go if you are going down the drive rack road...too many features left out of the PA...check it out:



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