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Freqs above 10kHz cut...


Nicolene Wheeler:
Hi there

The TV station I work for is fairly new and we are having trouble with the sound that is being broadcast. We do live feeds of sermons and the worship twice a week - When we mix it, it sounds great in the studio, but when it actually gets to the people at home theres something missing - that something we've narrowed down to everything above 10k being cut quite a lot! The bass freqs are also boosted a bit, so the sound is quite muddy, quite heavy in the mid-range. I mean, its not THAT bad, but it doesnt sound anywhere near as good as the mix we want to send out!

On the other hand, when we do a mixdown of the audio afterwards and make a mini music clip is sounds fine. (But maybe I should analyse that too)

From what I understand we send out a 3mb multiplexed signal, of that 2mb is used for the video feed and 128k is for the audio - the rest is used up by overheads. We broadcast only on sattelite.

Is there any way that we can correct this? Any comments/suggestions would be helpful!


Ken Freeman:
So many variables and places for things to go astray.  You need to try to eliminate a few.  The first I'd try to isolate is the veiwers home system.  Try to record the program on a high quality machine at a viewers home.  I suggest doing it at a few places, perhaps in different locations with different downlinks for the same broadcast.  The objective is to determine if the problem is uniform.  You will need to bring these tapes back to you studio to evaluate.  Monitor them on the same audio system that you mix on.


Chris McDonald:
Thats sound like really low bandwidth for broadcast quailty. How is  the audio being encoded for transmission? Is this over tcp/ip? What software/hardware is being used for the encoding?  Is it stereo? What is the sample rate? Which codec?

Are you checking your mixes in studio on a regular tv set as well as studio montiors?

We need more information....


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