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Author Topic: Have Sub design options, need suggestions.  (Read 1524 times)

Antone Atmarama Bajor

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Have Sub design options, need suggestions.
« on: November 23, 2005, 03:43:41 am »

     My friend wants me to build him a sub for his little studio in his room.  To go with his Mackie HR824's.  I was originally thinking of Building him a 3.4Cu' vented sub using 1 Lab 12 Driver.  I figured I could Get better LF performance than Mackies passive Radiator 12 and it would be much cheaper.

    Then I thought Hmm I can actually get even better LF extension in a ~5Cu' sealed box loaded with a Tummult 18 with the bonus of having better phase and group delay.

    Or for the same price as 1 Tumult 18"  I could make a sealed 4 X Lab 12 Sub in a 3.5cu' sealed box.  The Difference between the Tumult, and the 4 X lab box is that the F3 is a little higher, so its about 2dB less sensitive starting at 50Hz.

    But I was thinking having a cube with drivers mounted on 4 of its faces might lend itself to some interesting boundry loading options.  Like halfspace in then center of a wall, or 1/4space in a corner.  so I could possibly use the walls to gain 3-6dB and the sub would act as an omni directional radiator.

    You guys have any thoughts??

    Also what are the issues of having one of the drivers down firing a few inches from the floor?  I know that was envouge for a while for home audio stuff.  But normally there is only one driver involved.  

    I'm figuring the wavelenths are so long that it won't cause any issues.

    I think either of the sealed box options would sound much tighter than the Mackie sub and out muscle it.

    Good Bad Ugly????



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Re: Have Sub design options, need suggestions.
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2005, 07:04:32 pm »

If the responses/SPL of either the Tumult 18 and the lab12 arent that different Ie within a dB or two,then chose whichever one is easiest to obtain/install.

Id just go ahead and make it! Id consider two seperate subs for more placement options and hopefully a better response.
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