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Rhonda Totten:
It sounds like most of you are way beyond me but why not go to the top to get advice. I am looking for some sort of device to fade out my projected image so I can switch from one laptop to another and then fade in. I am not sure how much something like this will cost I am hoping less then $1000? Any help would be appriciated.


Brian K Tennyson, CTS-D:
Welcome to the forum Rhonda. There are bunches of products that do exactly what you are looking for.

One questions. Is this a portable application or is it in a fixed location?

Rhonda Totten:
Wow thanks for getting right on this! It is a portable environment for now. We are in the process of building to be don in 1yrish.


Brian K Tennyson, CTS-D:
portable is a little harder to come by. But none ov f the installed ones are very large.

I would look at VP-724DS or the C2-4100 which has three VGA inputs and a bunch of features like PIP and Fade Through Black. Both have many other switchers with a variety of inputs and outputs.

You might also look at Extron http://[/url, who are kind of a budget option.

Or Analog Way [url] has great processors but are a bit more expensive.

Hope this gets you started. I will let other comment on experience they have had with these products.


Tony Grimwood:
I'll happily endorse Brian's suggestion of the Kramer box. Kramer is our first choice for installation work and we've found their stuff to be both reasonably priced and reliable.



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