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Welcome to ProAV


Brian K Tennyson, CTS-D:
Recently, an associate and I were having one of our
friendly discussions about how badly an open forum was
needed for the AV industry and for the church market
in general. Seeing how most of the vehicles that we
have been using for ProAV discussions were being so
heavily edited by the trade groups that sponsored
them. A friend of mine (J.Hall) heard the yelling and
suggested to me that I might want to moderate a forum
on ProSound Web. So here we are with the Pro AV forum
and the House of Worship (HOW) AV forum.

The Skinny:

The Pro AV forum is for all things AV as they relate
to the non-home market. The home market is a huge
industry that has its own set of opportunities and
design issues. While there may be some overlap, we
will basically be steering clear of consumer
electronics issues. Otherwise it will be fair game.

Also check out the HOW AV forum is pretty self explanatory, ProAV as it relates to the church, mosque, temple or other
place of worship.

The Rules:

The general forum rules apply to this forum with the
following additions.

1.   If you are going to post a critique of any gear,
company, contractor or consultant you must back up
that critique with facts and sign with your real name.
2.   No Flamming!  Feel free to disagree and be
convicted in your opinions, but realize that every one
has an opinion and if you wish to have yours respected
and heard, you have to give respect to others.  Stay
on topic, argue your case and don’t stoop to petty
personal slams.
3.   I reserve the right to move, split, or delete any
topic, thread, or post that I deem necessary.  I’m not
trying to run this place with an iron fist, I just
expect it to function with a certain level of
professionalism.  (i.e.  if you wish to talk about
beer, don’t do it in a thread that’s focused on video

The Moderator:

My name is Brian Kent Tennyson. I have been working in
the AV industry on some level since 1986. Started in
sound reinforcement, got a degree in television
production, worked as a media director for a large
church from 1993 to 1999. Worked as a
consultant from 1999 to 2006, with a short stint in convention
center management in late 2001 (bad time to be in the
hospitality industry). I was the Senior AV
Consultant at Acoustical Design Group in Kansas City
and have had my CTS-D since 2000. I am now the Missouri/Kansas rep for Visitec (Lutron, Tandberg, Liberty ect.) I have designed AV
systems for churches, law firms, conventions centers,
military installations, colleges, museums, libraries,
arenas, stadiums and ballparks. I still feel like I
have a lot to lean and I secretly hope to get as much
or more out of this forum than you do.

Thanks for your time and I hope we all learn something


Andy Spalla:
It's very nice to see a forum like this.

Brian K Tennyson, CTS-D:
Welcome Andy, tell all your friends and lest get some posting going here.


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