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Bennett Prescott:
The Java IRC client is unreadable on my machine. Does anyone have configuration instructions for connecting using a standard IRC client?

Michael Prasuhn:
Bennett, you're on a Mac right?

Try Colloquy

Great little program.

Setup a connections to and join channel prosound when connected.

-Mikey P

Edit: spelling, clarity

Michael Prasuhn:
If you really need a place to vent anonymously, this is it! No real names required! although we do like to know who you are. In fact you can just use your real name and it's not that big of deal, cause its not saved and archived anywhere.

-Mikey P

Marc Schwartz:

Thanks for the link to the program. I downloaded it, and it looks great. I missed this week's chat, but I'll be there next Sunday.


Jack Arnott:
tks jon


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