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Lee Richard:
The standard IRC client is mIRC
the server for starlink is either the one Michael Prasuhn posted, or the main one,

I use a program called Xircon, with a couple scripts that keep me connected and look cool, and a bot to control certain channels that I don't want to lose operator status on.

If anyone needs help configuring stuff, they can send me an email and I'll guide them along:

Edit: Oh, and is there any reason why it's not on efnet? That's the largest chat network on irc, and much more reliable.


Mike Babcock:
The Lab chat is still broken, it's been broken for a long time.

Does anyone do any housekeeping around here? An email sent to webmaster went unanswered.

Oh well, we still have fun on sunday night's using the chat listed here

Jason Ketchem:

David Henry:
Hey Mikey-->

I was just trying out the app you suggested, and I connected, but how do you get a window to pop up to be in the conversation?  What I did before that was what you said(joined correct server, then went to "join room" in colloquy and it seems to join "prosound", but i'm not sure and like i said, no window pops up.)  But I was last in Linux when I used IRC, so I'm not that familiar with how it works.(that was a while back).


Michael Prasuhn:
I don't know if its the software or the server, but sometimes you have to keep hitting join several times, and it might take a minute for the window to pop up. I've attributed this to the server latency but I don't know for sure...

-Mikey P


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