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A Man:
Since PSW isn't going to fix the chat, we're gathering here now... =#prosound

Mike Babcock:
A friendly bump, usually people begin to show up between 9-11PM eastern US time and others are in and out until well after midnite. Perhaps Doug can make a post similar to this and keep it sticky (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

If you've never gone to the sunday chat before, we see all types there. Touring, regional, club level, recording, trade rag writers, enthusiasts, and the occassional squint shows up to get verbally beat down

Topics are not always about audio.

Can you tell I'm bored

Michael Prasuhn:
...the chat that is.

Mike's right, come on out talk about anything and everything. Looks like I'm gonna be free enough to be on for a bit tonight. New faces always welcome too...

-Mikey P

Lee Brenkman:
I've tried a couple of times to sign on and get a "no such channel" message back from Starlink.

Any of you more computer savvy types have a clue what's wrong?


Emil "Gus" Gawaziuk:
But hey... aren't we regulars entertaining at times too???

If you are on a Mac box.... Firefox works quite well on the Starlink site, BTW.



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