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Author Topic: Intellabeam 400 LED Controller Error code (E0 07?)  (Read 1311 times)

Ethan O'Toole

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Intellabeam 400 LED Controller Error code (E0 07?)
« on: October 11, 2005, 10:19:13 PM »

Hello all,

 A while ago the battery went dead in my Inteallbeam 400 controller. It (Along with my lights) are old and creeky, and I can't say it was a surprise. Granted, it was the first time I was ever to try to do anything along the lines of a real performance in public with the things. Imagine the surprise when powering on the controller and all of the pages are blank. Then it started acting up, locking up, and going unreliable.

 Anywho, I was wondering if anyone might have an error code sheet? The PDF version of the documentation for the IBeam400/IBeam LED controller doesn't seem to cover the error codes, or perhaps a means to reset the unit.

 I removed the battery and soldered in some wires so I could later add a battery to maintain the RAM, but I have yet to add a battery.

 I've verified that all of the chips that are socketed are seated.

 I convered the last 2 working Ibeam 400's I have to the 4to7 protocol ICs that bring forth sort of working DMX capability, but one light resets often and neither seem to handle it well. They seem really slow when running on DMX-512, at least compared to running on lightwave protocol from the old LED controller. I've been thinking maybe I could get lucky and pick up a LCD controller for the 700's from feeBay for $100ish, but it seems like a dead end as the Ibeam400's are pretty old and spent much time in a smoky nightclub. It is known that the low serial 400's don't do DMX well, if at all so this isn't a large surprise. I'm wondering how they perform on 700 protocol.

I've done some neat things, was trying to add a color LCD to one to test doing data projection, it was working to a degree but the LCD burns up Smile Going to revisit that project later.

 Anywho, if I had a clue what E0 07 (an error code obviously) is on the LED controller, I could perhaps switch the lights back to the original firmware and continue to play with them on that. I was thinking at some point perhaps I could sell all 5 400's + LED controller as parts lot and pick up 2 trackspots or something, since they would be more DMX friendly, more apartment friendly, lighter, but less light output.

At one point I was looking to see what it would take to convert the 400's to MSR1200's... Perhaps good thing I didn't try on that one!

Any hints appreciated!

     -- Ethan O'Toole
(My homepage with geek and laser/light stuff)
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