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Author Topic: need more low end....don't know if i should go meyer or jbl.  (Read 11147 times)

sheldon harris

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Re: need more low end....don't know if i should go meyer or jbl.
« Reply #50 on: October 21, 2005, 12:51:36 am »

i only read about 3/4 way through the posts so
i appologize if i say anything someone said before.
i used to use vegas back in the day, i had as much as 32 per side

i know definatly what 12 vegas sound like playing latin music (all styles), calypso (at tempo 155), reggae/dancehall, rap,etc.
many people i know including myself have wanted more from the vegas or rather wanted to keep the sound but reduce the size!

my solution to that problem was to take out the vega driver, replace it with the evx180a driver, line the inside compartment with 3" thick insulation, use a thick aluminum cover on all the vegas that had the older wooden covers on, reinforce the boxes,
(that was someone elses job, i know 2x2s were cut in half diagonally and used to reinforce the boxes,glued with something called the west system mixer, cant remember where though)then, at that time i used yorkville audio pro 3400 to drive 4 boxes, i switched and bought a shit load of crown ma5000 when they came out and put 4 vegas on 1 ma5k stereo.

i also used to do something that was kinda stupid but it worked (i too started out in the sound business fresh from high school 16 years old)i used to use half the amount of vegas sometimes 8 or 16 or 32 and bridge the ma 5k on four!they sounded incredible!

i know for a fact that in the quest for better sound and reduced bulk using the vegas, we experimented with several drivers in the boxes and opt to using more efficient drivers with massive power handling and bought more powerful amplifiers.

just another thought dude, from someone who definatly been there and done that.( i had a little joke a few seconds ago,
in all that changing drivers and testing etc. we even removed the front cover off 24 of the boxes and compared them to another 24 on the other side that had covers on.our thought back then was (one of the band members brought an article saying scoops were more louder that single throat horns)  a vega with the front cover off definatly supposed to act like a scoop)so lets try it! so, at the next out door gig we removed the covers one by one!
we were young kids screwing around with  money thats all.)
The things we would do in the quest to attain the highest Levels of Sound! the Pressure that is!
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