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Playing pre recorded tracks live, options?

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Airton Pereira:
Hi, my band has some pre recorded keyboard tracks that we want to play live. We already done it with a pc and a fast track pro, but are there other options to do it?
Basically, we want to send the keys to the FOH and the click track to the drummers in ears. Computers are the only way to do it?

John Stoffel:
If the Key tracks do not have to be in stereo then you could use an IPOD. Keys on left channel to the house and click on the right channel to the drummers mix.

Liam Flaherty:
Agree with John. In whatever music program you've got pan the keys left and click right then treat them as individual mono channels. Any playback device that works in stereo will work.

Airton Pereira:
Thatīs a really simple, but yet great idea! I would have to buy the y-cable and thatīs all.

Thomas Lamb:
What Y cable?


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