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Shure Axient

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Karl P(eterson):
I haven't seen much chatter about this either here or on the old site.

Has anyone been given any idea what the ballpark pricing may be on this stuff? It's obviously not UHF-R pricing, but is 30~50% more, or 2x more?

I'm looking at a largeish RF system for Q2/Q3 and am wanting to get a feeling if I need to recommend we hold tight for a bit longer, or if it is going to be priced well beyond this project.

If anyone knows anything I'd like to hear from you, either onsite or via PM.


Karl P

Steven Barnes:
We have a Shure dealership here, and I haven't seen anything about pricing yet. It definitely has some nice features and will really help in RF heavy areas.

Our rep just came in last week to show us some of the stuff going on with it, but didn't have any of the units with him.

Ill let you know if I come up with anything,

Roger Talkov:
We saw the Axient system at NAMM and our rep was here yesterday. There are currently no prices available yet according to him.

Oakie Pitakskul:
Looking at the feature set,, I'm ready to shell out $$$ for it, Even at the Old Sennheiser 5000 series price its worth it if it almost guarantees a good show w/o the RF issues.. Good job GH and the team in Niles..

Karl P(eterson):
Thanks for the info guys, if anyone hears please let me know!

I hope they aren't 5000 series expensive, but who knows?

Karl P


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