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Business Communication


Sean T. Hayes:
Hello all,
I have always found that poor communication can make or break a show. I am looking for some input on how formal communication plays a role in our industry. If you have time to help me out, please answer some or all of the following questions. Any input you may have would be helpful.

-What communication activities are included in your job responsibilities? (Attending meetings, writing reports, presenting information, promoting the company’s products/services and image, explaining and clarifying management procedures, coordinating the work of various employees/departments, and evaluating employees).

-How much of the work day is spent on communication?

-Which communication activities take up the most time?

-What strategies do you use when you have to deliver bad news – to other employees? to customers?

-Has your company/business done anything to improve communication – in the workplace? with clientele?

-Describe the worst communication breakdown and how it was handled.

*Please note that this is for a class and if you choose to help me out your responses may be used in a short in-class presentation. While this is a class assignment I see the value in having an open discussion on these forums about how this industry communicates. I apologize is this post is deemed an inappropriate use of these forums.

Thank you,

Sean Hayes

If you prefer to PM or email me at: [email protected]

Bob Leonard:
Sean, is there any reason you can't write your term paper yourself.
One answer. When you present bad news you present it honestly. No gloss, no bullshit.
The length of time spent communicating is reletive to the subject at hand and the complexity of the project or task to be performed. You will communicate until the most dim bulb is fully lit.
All the above.

Sean T. Hayes:
Bob, thanks for the input.

This is not a term paper nor am I trying to get anyone to do my school work for me. I am trying to get feedback from industry professionals. I have been working in live sound for 8 years so I see that this industry communicates very well across professional lines. I am seeking to know if there are areas of communication that always seem to be have problems and how you fix those problems.

Thank you,

P.S. I hate how it looks as though I only have two posts. I am not some random person just trying to get this community to write a paper for me. I used to frequent the old forums and I know that your time is valuable. Again, if it is inappropriate for me to ask a survey on this forum please inform me and I will have it taken down.

Bob Leonard:
It's not up to me to say what is appropriate or not. Communication regardless of field is the key to success and it is often the most minor details which are generally overlooked. In my world, and for any project, I will communicate/meet with all parties, delegate responsability, then meet with each responsible party as an individual to insure everyone is aware of their job or function, and to whom they would respond to if problems arise.


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