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Wireless mic for head worn mics.


Bill Hardy:
Does anyone have any input on Line6 XD-V70L or the Sennheiser EW 110 G3 wireless systems?
Pros. Cons.
Does the new Line 6 have any issues with RF problems or dropouts?

Thanks Bill

Oliver Driver:

We have tried the Line 6 - XD-V70L against our existing stock of ew500G3 and our current thoughts are:

- RF range
In a venue recently I tried the line 6 vs. ew500G..the line 6 lost RF at around 20m with my had over the aerial ( worst case ) and the G3 kept going for over 50m with my hand over the aerial. Both receivers were line of sight to the transmitters and just on 'stubbies' behind a black drape. I would like to try the new external Line 6 paddles to see if this helps with range.
We've tried the Line 6 with multiple Wi-Fi networks and not experienced any issues.
It's great that the Line 6 is license free.
In our warehouse we tried the same test and the Line 6 lost all RF once we went out of the door ( 15m ) whilst the G3 was fine to 75m through multiple buildings. We tried the Line 6 on both lo and hi power and the results were the same.

- Sound quality
In a brief test I thought the Line 6 sounded good, there is a small latency delay with the Line 6.
There's no gain control on the Line 6 which is disconcerting, but we've not found it an issue whilst trying both DPA 4066's and Shure WL185's.
The G3's sound great and are a step up from the G2.

- Durability
The Sennheiser has proven excellent reliability for us. The Line 6 seems rugged in it's build quality and I've no reason to doubt it's reliability.

- Support.
This is where line 6 falls down for me in the UK. They have no interest in pro-audio. I've called them on two occasions and they don't seem interested. Before Christmas I was told in no uncertain terms that they had no interest in selling it into pro-audio and I had to try very very hard to get a retail / list price from them. Hopefully this will change as they realise that they have a potentially great product on their hands.

- Features
The Line 6 does what it says on the box. For us it would be useful to have a headphone socket but for the cost of the Line 6 - it's a bargain for certain applications.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask.


Bill Hardy:
Thanks a lot for all the info.
Bill Hardy


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