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Lightweight Truss / Crossbar System

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Rob Spence:

--- Quote from: Ken Nelson on February 15, 2011, 02:11:09 PM ---
Because we're going with about 30 lbs of fixtures total, I found this system rated at 55 lbs. They also make a 75 lb system at the bottom. You can get the 55 lb (JTL B-1012) for ~$135 on Amazon. Then add the rated clamps and such and I think we're good.

--- End quote ---
I can't tell from looking at these what the exact diameters of the poles are. If they are aluminum then you really can't use normal lighting clamps as they will dent it. And, unless the diameters are just right, many of the cheesburgers may not grip well enough.
Just something to check on...

Royce Covington:

--- Quote from: Rob Spence on February 21, 2011, 03:43:28 PM ---If they are aluminum then you really can't use normal lighting clamps as they will dent it.

--- End quote ---


just what material do you think most light truss, light trees and light stands are made of?

to prevent damage, simply do NOT over-tighten the clamps...


Rob Spence:
My experience is that truss is a much heavier (that is, thicker walled) tube than most telescoping stands. If you tighten traditional "C" clamp lighting to thin wall aluminum, you will dent it before you get enough force to hold the instrument safely. I use "O-Clamps" on my thin wall tee bars and such to avoid the problem.

Nate Armstrong:
I purchased a backdrop stand almost identical to what you have posted.  I purchased it to hang Scrim from for laser animations.

I definitely would not get this to hold lighting even light weight LED pars.  The span for the tri pod basses have small foot print, and the tensil strength of the piping is very low.  IF you were to use this in a outdoor setting i could see the wind blowing it down.

you would be much better off getting a cheapy 10 ft aluminum truss for about $100  but I highly recommend going with a homemade schedule 80  or at least get a crank up aluminum stand.

after you use the non crank stand. you will realize you just wasted your money and should of went homemade or get a crank version.

Len Woelfel:
Using pipe booms seems to overengineer a solution.  Altman or SSRC bases are 50# each.  Who wants to slug those around for 30# of LED products when height isn't a concern?  Not me.  I'd really consider a tripod and t-bar if at all possible.  Another possibility is Matthews stands. More  expensive, but very low profile and very portable. 


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