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Low profile 70V volume controls?


Ivan Beaver:
Does anybody know a 70V volume control that can mount on a wall that has a depth of les than 1.5"?

I would like 100Watts but could live with a 20watt control.

I have tried our usual 70V suppliers but theirs are over 2" deep.
Thanks in advance.

Hal Bissinger/COMSYSTEC:
I don't know of anything that is anywhere near that shallow and forget about 100w. Is it the in wall depth that is 1.5" or is there a 1.5"deep box that is giving you trouble?

1) If it is the box it might be possible to hack out the back, especially if it is plastic (doubtful if it's a 1.5" deep box, most are metal).

2) Is it a block, brick or concrete wall furred out then sheetrock? Blast out the concrete or brick with a hammer drill and chisel.

3) You could relocate to one side with a LV ring then blank off the existing if you have the wall depth.

4) If none of these are possible your only choice is to use a Wiremold, Panduit or other box as an extender attached to the existing box. Maybe not the most elegant solution but not too bad.


Ivan Beaver:
The wall is only 1.5" deep.  It was supposed to be thicker, but got changed.

We have already decided to but a box extender and move it out of the wall.

It is in the kitchen so it will be fine-nobody will complain the look in there.


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