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At home server/cloud/etc


Brad Harris:
I'm starting to get tired of carrying around various usb flash drives, hard drives around with me, let alone trying to remember where I've placed documents, installer files, etc. If I actually did.

And after playing around with an Ipad this weekend, I've been thinking more and more of augmenting my road laptop with it.

Now here is the question. I've downloaded and used the Remoter App successfully on a local wireless network (all on the same router) with no problems with Ultra VNC ( on the server computer. If I try to connect from outside that network (ie, from 3g to the laptop via the internet) it won't find it.

I've gone to one of the many websites that will show your actual IP to make sure I'm trying to connect to the right place.

Do I need to forward a port on the wireless router or something?

Also, on an IPad note, I've read that with jailbreaking it, there are apps that can then read usb sticks. Is it possible to bring those locally into a remote situation? (ie, working remotely at the server at home, but wanting to use a usb to load/save/transfer a file where I am?


Brad Harris

Brad Harris:
figured it out! Just had to forward the port!


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