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Author Topic: 70 volt main sanctuary speakers (?)  (Read 4640 times)

Tom Young

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Re: 4-16 ohm for sanctuary, 70V in add'l rooms
« Reply #10 on: October 24, 2005, 10:14:39 pm »

Nothing wrong with series-parallel as long as you know that when one driver fails they all do (in the series circuit) and series does your damping factor no good (which is only important for woofers and subwoofers).

For reasonable fidelity/quality 70V can work but you need better-than-average transformers.... both on the amp output and at each ldspkr.
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Jason Ellis

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Re: 70 volt main sanctuary speakers (?)
« Reply #11 on: October 25, 2005, 07:19:31 pm »

AHHHHH!!! Stay away! (from the Soundtubes) As it appears that you have already inferred, you do NOT want those in your building. Dispersion is your enemy in Live PA, products that will help with gain before feedback (the most common problem in churchs before or after cruddy sounding PA's) will have good directivity. This is to say that you only want the sound to go where you want, and a wide dispersion system such as the Soundtube will offer you no control.

As for the whole 70V stuff, it has its place, but not as the Main PA for anywhere outside of Paging applications IMHO. Rocking sound it is not. You would need an enormous transformer on the output of the amp to be able to handle any sort of low-frequency output and you would be very limited in power output overall. The only place I would use 70V in a church setting would be underbalc fills, with the low end and high end rolled off to an extent.

Respectfully, I must agree with Mr. Pflughaupt and disagree with Mr. Abney. Any AV provider who specs a 70V system as the main PA for a church (with the possible exception of one that would have speech-only), should be voted by church's wallet's out of town. It sounds to me that this gentleman shoudl stick with video. I have no problem taking a suggestions from an AV guy on what I need, but descernment is needed on the part of the church.

I do not believe that Dazed and Confused should pay this fellow for his quotation, as that was the extent of his work, coming in and specing truss, researching EASE and smaarting a room are considered consulting, walking in and saying "I installed soundtubes over yonder and they will rock in here" is not. For $700 a speaker you could do MUCH better and get what you need instead of a system that will leaving you crying later.

FWIW I have heard the soundtubes, and even playing music in a carpeted Mall they were less than ideal. Imagine the sound from the green-colored outdoor garden speakers and you would have an idea. BTW the Soundtube's Max SPL is 121 db and their sensitivity is 99db, the sensitivity is not bad, but the max SPL is VERY low for what you would expect for a PA speaker for a church exploring contemporary music. Max SPL's near 131 would be more appropriate, due to the dynamic nature of Live music.

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Re: 70 volt main sanctuary speakers (?)
« Reply #11 on: October 25, 2005, 07:19:31 pm »

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