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Author Topic: yorkville amps to power yorkville speakers...  (Read 701 times)


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yorkville amps to power yorkville speakers...
« on: May 11, 2005, 10:46:54 am »

Hey there,

I'm doing my first outdoor gig in June. Our church youth group is putting a service on in the "airplane parking lot" of our local airport. They're expecting around 1500 people to show up. I'm going to be setting up and running the PA. The service will include two rock/worship bands, and preaching.

We will be renting our gear from Long & McQuade Music which only supplies Yorkville gear (cause they own Yorkville). They have the best rental rates around here and I work there too so it just makes sense.

Anyhow I figure that I will need 4 E2152 (1500W @ 4ohms) and 4 LS808 subs (800W @ 8ohms). My dilema is that I'd like to provide a system that is good and clean and since I'm still learning about PA's in general I'd like to do this as pro as I can (keeping in mind that I only have the Yorkville gear to choose from). I had originally spec'd out an AP4020 bridged for each E2152 because as I've been reading it's been said many times to have twice as much power as your speaker. So my logic says a 1500W speaker needs 3000W of power to work nicely, the AP4020 delivers 2400W bridged and I figured that was good enough. Am I on the right track? For the subs 2 AP4020's bridged to run 2 LS808's each.

I was talking to a customer who does this stuff quite a bit and he thought after I told him I'd need like 6 or 8 amps to power the rig that it was overkill. So I need some insight.

Also if you suggest how to power it, if possible could you suggest the electrical requirements as well. Currently there is one 40 Amp breaker/outlet available to us and I'm not sure whether or not that is enough.

Sorry for the long post, but thanks!


Mike McDonald

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Re: yorkville amps to power yorkville speakers...
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2005, 02:41:07 pm »

Contact Yorkville Sound directly and ask them what they suggest.  Since Long's owns Yorkville, they should be able to get back to you right quick with an answer.
Yorkville probably has suggested systems for what you have in mind.  Maybe, since you're doing live sound as opposed to recorded music, you might consider a Unity system.  Seems that's a bit better tailored for live sound reinforcement.  I think that system is also better tailored for working in arrays.  
For 1500 people outdoors, you have to do some math.
How far do you want to throw the sound?
How loud do you want it to be?
Every time you double the distance, you lose 6dB.  You must figure out how loud you need the sound at the source to determine how loud it will be at the back.
You then need to figure out how much power to feed each cabinet to obtain the required sound pressure level.  You also need to make sure you can safely get that SPL from the cabinets you're thinking of.
Once you have those figures, you need to determine how much power distribution you require for the PA system.  You will want to take any lighting requirements into account if it's going to be dark when this performance takes place.  Remember the bands will require power for their own stage equipment.

Forty amps seems like it could get a little tight.  Usually a 4020 power amp can draw 15 amps easy enough.  You need to find out whether the power distribution you have now is 120 volts single phase 40 amps, 120/240 volt single phase 40 amps or 120/208 volt three phase 40 amps.  This could mean the difference between having 40 amps, 80 amps, or 120 amps available to you.

Sounds like you're going to have fun, anyway.
Good luck
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