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Timers For Presenters during a Conference

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Gareth Marsh:

--- Quote from: Corne Stapelberg on February 14, 2011, 08:06:54 AM ---I would like to know from members what type of method you use in your conference venues as A/V specialists to keep time during a presenter's presentation.

On Screen Timer?
The normal old method of a buzzer and some GREEN, ORANGE and RED LED on podium?

I will appreciate any feedback.


--- End quote ---

This works well, and you can have personalized messages, etc.

Works for most resolutions as far as I have tested.


John Jow:
We also use the D'San Limitimer and it works perfectly. We have the bluetooth model which is great if you don't want lay down any cables. You can also have multiple timers linked up to one controller.



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