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Author Topic: diy dual 12 woofer  (Read 2263 times)

Jeff Carney

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diy dual 12 woofer
« on: April 11, 2005, 05:44:30 pm »

Would like input for a diy dual 12" woofer to match the 4 cpl27's I have fling (2 per side). I am using a pair of old Crate full range speakers set off to the side of the stage just driving the 12s now. Would like to replace the Crates.
I am a good DIYer with access to wooding tools.
Any plans and/or driver input would be nice.


Room 60' x 50' x 22'
Behringer DCX2496 UltraDrive
4 flown cpl27 (QSC1850HD)
Carvin DCM2000 for the subs
Live Contemporary Christian Music


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Re: diy dual 12 woofer
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2005, 03:39:58 pm »

I don't know if you've gotten responses elsewhere... but here goes:

Subwoofer design isn't very difficult, as long as you can establish your design priorities.  Subwoofer enclosures are dictated by "Hoffman's Iron Law"...  which states Efficiency, Bass-Extension, and Enclosure-Size are interrelated so that improving one will reduce performance in the other two.  In other words... in order to have the best bass response and efficiency possible, you have to live with a big box.  

I could post links if you really want the nitty gritty... but I have the feeling you just want something that works.  You'll have to decide what your priorities are including desired frequency range, size, and budget.  What does you existing amplifier put out?  Why do you want two 12"?  How about two 15"?  From this we can try to recommend a driver which will provide what you are after.

A lot of pro woofers are designed with efficiency as the governing factor... but they usually don't have a lot of bass extension. You mains are relatively in-efficient, so I doubt that you play it very loud.  

Given this you could allow yourself to use a HT woofer which will have a better frequency response.  Some of these include:

Adire Audio (new line will be released in weeks)
Ascendant Audio
PartsExpress Dayton
SoundSplinter (TC Sound drivers)

For example... if you can live with a big box and budget is tight... you can get a DAYTON DVC driver artnumber=295-190
... if you need a smaller box and have a little more money, you can get a DAYTON 15" Titanic MKIII artnumber=295-420 .

Then you/we can design a box based on the chosen drivers T/S parameters.  I'm just missing a little info to give you a fixed answer.
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