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Danley products ....

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Ivan Beaver:

--- Quote from: Simon Ryder on March 18, 2011, 05:11:39 AM ---Thanks for putting the record straight Ivan. I was quite surprised at the Quakes failing that "early on" but that explains it. Every time I have heard them, they put a smile on my face.

--- End quote ---
The Quakes weren't the only ones that let out some magic smoke at that event.

On the second day, the Danley TH115's were the first up.  Everything was listened to as a pair.   So they were cranked up and it didn't seem as loud as it should, and then we started smelling some smoke.

 After things were checked out it was found that the second cabinet was not even plugged into the amp.  The cable was into the amp and into the speaker patch bay-but the patch bay was no hooked up to the amp.

So not only was the second cabinet not adding anything to the first, it was actually cancelling some of the sound and lowering the level of a single cabinet.

When that problem was fixed-the testing proceeded.

Even with a room full of audio professionals, mistakes still happen.


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