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Author Topic: Needing advice on buying speakers  (Read 3842 times)


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Needing advice on buying speakers
« on: March 31, 2005, 11:18:48 pm »


I'm about to spend a ton of money on speakers & amplifiers (QSC - which is a done deal) Speakers are a dilemma to me.  
I'm skeptical about the local Guitar Center  - not sure if they are $ motivated or not.

Looking for  HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  VIA a second opinion (from a neutral party) before I take a loan & don't have any 2nd opportunity to correct a bad decision.

1)    I'm thinking about a pair of EAW's FR250Z's for subwoofers.
I'm enticed about the  EAW  SBX220's. It seems weird that a twin 12" cab can be louder or more efficient than twin 15" cab. The spec's actually seem better than the FR205Z.  ----- Can any one enlighten me on this?

2)    I own a pair of Yamaha S115iV's.
But, the local music store is trying to sell me EAW JFX590's. Here I'm lost as to which one is really better. And, the EAW JFX 590's are $1,490.00 each.
A)  how do I really compare these cabinets???
B)  My application is for Weddings, Parties & Corporate events. I like the current cabinet's I own (a pair of JBL-sr4730's).
The JBL's are sweet enough when you're at a wedding and Grandma sits close to the speakers that I don't get very many complaints. Yet loud enough for a crowd of 350 in a ballroom at the local hotel. I want to stay in this "sweet spot I have". But still want to grow my sound capabilities for larger audiences & Schools.
-------->>>  BOTTOM LINE - is it really worth the extra $3,000 to have the EAW JFX590's ?????? Or can I stick those Yamaha S115iV's on a pole above those subs?? (I might even get another pair of those Yamaha's for those big events.


Please respond ASAP.
Making my decision by Saturday

Jeff Oliver

Geri O'Neil

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Re: Needing advice on buying speakers
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2005, 09:23:21 pm »

Man, how in the hell did you get this place mixed up with the other audio forums at PSW??
This post belongs in the LAB Lounge. This place is for issues dealing with posting to the site.

Geri O
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Re: Needing advice on buying speakers
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2005, 10:29:29 pm »

Hey dude - it was my first time to post here and I'm in a big hurry to get this done. Some slack and understanding would be appreciated.
Sorry if I posted incorrectly and wasted any one's reading experience. And, thanks for the advice. I'm always willing to listen.

Have a nice day!
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