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Seismic Audio

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Luther Fairley:
Does anyone use any of thier product?

Philip Rasmus:
I mixed on band's Seismic rig and felt it was the worst I've encountered.  I refused to use it again.  It was the plywood versions with 12/horn, 15/horn and subs.  To be fair, it is dirt cheap.

Chris Dozorec:
I had the misfortune of buying some mic cables and a patch snake
from them. Very poor build quality, and no strain relief on the snake.
Save your once, cry once!

Luther Fairley:
Ok thanks i bought some speaker cable from them........Im nervous now.....

Rick Powell:

--- Quote from: Luther Fairley on February 12, 2011, 11:21:14 PM ---Does anyone use any of thier product?

--- End quote ---

I just bid on a SA snake reel on ebay.  I am thinking, "how badly could they screw up a snake reel?"  Their regular price is like $270.  If the bidding goes over $150 I'll just get a Hannay.


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