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Looking for audio concultant/contractor in SW Ohio


Jacob Robinson:
We are a smaller (3000 sq ft sanctuary) church in Germantown, OH (40 miles north of Cincinnati and 15 miles south of Dayton)

I am looking to get advice/a contractor to completely overhaul our PA.   $10,000 would be a target budget, but I do realize that that may not be feasible.

The biggest thing I am looking for is speaker design and choice.  Our church doesn't really know where to start

Thanks again,

Brad Weber:
Don, please read Rule #2 in,99.0.html, it's probably best to contact them directly or via PM.

Jacob, I'm assuming the $10,000 budget is intended to cover the actual products and installation as well as design, but just to clarify, is the goal for that budget to be for the entire system overhaul you mentioned or just for the speaker system?

Being where you are, not only 40 miles north of Cincinnati and 15 miles south of Dayton as you noted but also 100 miles or so from Columbus and Indianapolis, there should be a number of potential of vendors.  You might talk to other churches in the area and see if they have any recommendations.  And if you have any Architects, General Contractors, Electrical Engineers or Contractors, etc. in your congregation, they may also have some recommendations or input. 

Jacob Robinson:
$10,000 is for the entire project, but that is just for design, major components, and installation.  Mics, accessories, and peripherals would be extra.

Does that help?


Don Lanier:
Thanks Brad, Apologys, Didnt mean to get off on the wrong foot...

Jacob Robinson:
Please send me a PM, because if you list services on this thread it will be removed, this might save you from typing another message.  Thanks for all the replies


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