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Mains to sub alignment: further thoughts

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Tom Reid:
Boomerweps wrote on Sun, 02 January 2005 13:22
What I missed was, were you delaying the tops or the subs? I reread the posts a couple times and didn't see it.

I'm just getting into experimenting using speaker delays for alignment. I'll check that Rane manual procedure out.

I had a chance before NYE gig to set up my system using the speaker maker's speaker controller crossover & delay settings (sans controller) and it seemed to make a subtle improvement. But the speaker controller has a fixed delay on or off so the recommended crossover point is affected by that, I'm sure. So it may not be the true optimum due to fixed options.

Mike McNany

Yeah I see what you mean.  It seems I write in a confusing manner.

All subs exhibit some natural delay in a specific frequency range due to cabinet design my experience.  Given that, I would be dealying mains to match the subs' place in time.

When I go 3 way, the problem will compound itself again, since bypassing passive crossovers will cancel out any adjustment the crossovers are doing to the mid to high alignment.  Not to mention CD EQ.

But hey, this is much more rewarding then stamp collecting (and cost about the same).  

Don Boomer:
Tom Reid wrote on Sat, 01 January 2005 12:37

Low amp gained until I could measure 90db on output.  RTA/Mic senstivity set to read 0db.  Once 0db established, low amp shutoff (gain not touched).  High amp gained until same results are shown on RTA display.  Low amps turned on, delay adjusted until maximum gain obtained (I could just flicker the +3 light).

I would think it might be easier if you did the same setup but flip the polarity of one of the speakers and adjust the delay for maximum attenuation (assuming your speakers were actually IN phase at that frequency point when you started)


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